the Soundsystem Crew

"IRIE-FYAH-MOVEMENT" the baddes´ Uprising Soundsystem tek over this land - strictly conscious vybz uplift the Crew since first Dance in Town. Founded in 2007 by Selecta PUPA BENJI and Selecta IRIE FLOW. The Sound original based in Ulm/Ger.

In early 2008  ZEEMAN invites ALEX to join REBELLION the RECALLERS Movin´on Album release Tour in Gambia / West- Africa longside PANZA & SPIDER from the great SUPERSONIC SOUND (Berlin). That time ALEX meditate & settle dung wit ONE STRIKE BULLET from the INSPIRED ONES DELEGATION in the Ghettoyards of Brikama. Full Inspired by Reggaemusic him reach back to Germany & joined the Soundsystem- known as Selecta INSPIRED YUTE Alex.

IrieFyah international Soundsystem performed Live-Shows in CUBA // GAMBIA // GERMANY on Chiemsee-Reggae-Summer in Übersee. Stuttgart's Landespavillion, Universum, OneLove Bar. Kempten Allgäu´s Tanzschule Grill. Augsburg's Kantine. Nersingen´s Rocks. Langenau´s Kaoskeller, Heidelberg, Mainz, Offenbach, Darmstadt, Ulm's Club Action, Cultbar, TFE Eselsberg, Donauturm, Schilli, Hemperium, Roxy & Sauschdall.


Sep.´15  -IrieFyah THe Genius-

"Specially we give thanks for all your positive Feedback´s & also showin´ respect to every supporter of the Soundsystem defending us through all those amazing years! Allways Inspired by the Most High GOD alone. Me teach dem 'bout the righteous livity. Stay Focus & hold ya crown. Nuff Love && Respect outtah Zion. IrieFyahMovement spread JahMusic 2 the World. AFRICA UNITE."